At the Germantown Community Library, we are able to offer you access to materials from many sources, not only items from our library in Germantown, WI. By following the steps below you will search libraries throughout the state of Wisconsin for the materials you want.



3. SHARE Catalog/View Account Instructions

1. Search the SHARE catalog. (Shared Holding and Resource Exchange) This includes all libraries in Washington, Jefferson, Dodge, Walworth and Racine counties.   

NOTE: If you are placing a hold on an item and receive the following message, "Your privilege has expired or your privilege is going to expire.", do not be concerned. Your card just needs to be renewed. Every 18 months the software program SHARE uses requires the library to verify your address and phone number and update it, if necessary. This ensures you can be contacted.

2. If you cannot find the materials you want in SHARE, search the WISCAT catalog. WISCAT is the state of Wisconsin catalog. Here you will find bibliographic records from over 1,200 Wisconsin libraries. To place materials on "hold" through WISCAT, call the Library at 262-253-7760 for assistance or come into the Library to speak with a staff member.

Please call us at 262-253-7760 with any questions you may have.



Last modified: December 23, 2013