Here is a list of interesting and fun sites just for kids!  Also click on the link at the left to see sites with Booklists for Kids and Teens.

American Memory: documents and historical materials that describe the people and events of the USA. From the Library of Congress collection.

Ask for Kids: ask a question in plain English and Ask for Kids takes you to a site that answers your question.

Dewey Browse: a catalog of web sites arranged by Dewey decimal number .

Discovery Kids: kid-friendly stuff from the Discovery Channel.

EEK!:  Environmental Education for Kids sponsored by the WI Department of Natural Resources.

Great Web Sites for Kids: American Library Associations recommended web sites.  a link to lots of United States Government Information.

The Internet Public Library: a great site for finding information on just about everything!

KidsClick!: an interesting search engine for kids. It contains over 5,200 sites.  website for lots of information on kids health.  Many topics are covered including healthy eating, body changes, and staying healthy.  Check out the cool games and "Ewww - want to read something gross?" section for fun activities.

KidsReads:  many interesting books for kids, lists of series, author interviews, etc.

Meet Authors and Illustrators: find information about your favorite authors and illustrators and visit their web sites.

SciJinks:  a great site sponsored by NASA with lots of fun weather information, games, and project ideas.

The Space Place:  everything you wanted to know about NASA & space, with fun games, interesting trivia, and other cool stuff.

What's Next Database:  search for the books in a series using author, series name or title of a book.



Last modified: October 10, 2014