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Web Sites for Teens


Here is a list of interesting and fun sites just for kids!  Also click on the link at the left to see sites with Booklists for Kids and Teens.

American Memory: documents and historical materials that describe the people and events of the USA. From the Library of Congress collection.

Ask for Kids: ask a question in plain English and Ask for Kids takes you to a site that answers your question.

Dewey Browse: a catalog of web sites arranged by Dewey decimal number .

Discovery Education: student resources including homework help, webinars and games from the Discovery Channel.

EEK!:  Environmental Education for Kids sponsored by the WI Department of Natural Resources.

Great Web Sites for Kids: American Library Associations recommended web sites.

Kids.gov:  a link to lots of United States Government Information.

The Internet Public Library: a great site for finding information on just about everything!

KidsClick!: an interesting search engine for kids. It contains over 5,200 sites.

Kidshealth.org:  website for lots of information on kids health.  Many topics are covered including healthy eating, body changes, and staying healthy.  Check out the cool games and "Ewww - want to read something gross?" section for fun activities.

KidsReads:  many interesting books for kids, lists of series, author interviews, etc.

Meet Authors and Illustrators: find information about your favorite authors and illustrators and visit their web sites.

SciJinks:  a great site sponsored by NASA with lots of fun weather information, games, and project ideas.

The Space Place:  everything you wanted to know about NASA & space, with fun games, interesting trivia, and other cool stuff.

What's Next Database:  search for the books in a series using author, series name or title of a book.



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Last modified: June 13, 2012